In the industry of manufacturing trimmings and decorations, ornaments, parts or accessories for footwear, clothing, leather goods or jewelry; METALICAS IDELLA SL has accumulated more than twenty years of experience with a constant adaptation to new technologies and as new fashion trends.

Located in Elda (Alicante), an area with a long history and prestige in the industry of footwear and leather goods, allows us not only keep ourselves abreast of new trends in fashion, but our design department helps to define new concepts with new and original designs.

Here is our catalog consisting of over 10,000 references, while we are sure you will find the components you are looking for, we want to inform you that we also manufacture custom trimmings or components with any design you provide us. Our design department and modeling is in a position to make any item you want, and get it running on production molds in 24 hours.

In assembling the catalog, we've done it thinking on the professional designer and manufacturer of footwear, clothing, leather goods or jewelry, and provide the greatest variety of designs and materials for the decoration of their products. It is organized with an alpha-numeric index for easy reference.

METALICAS IDELLA SL is formed by a group of three companies - Marketing Design, Manufacture and Production - plating bath so that, from design to after sales and customer service, we ensure the highest quality standards in each of trimmings product, embellishments or accesories to produce.

We are specialists with a long list of companies and brands of jewelry or footwear manufacturers and leather goods, as well as clothing and couture, which provide all kinds of design or size of rings, buckles, ornaments, belt loops, precious stones, heel-pads, ornaments, pins, knobs, chains, or any of the trimmings, embellishments or accesories that you provide the design to produce it.

METALICAS IDELLA SL as trimmings manufacturer and wholesaler, is in position to manufacture and supply whatever the design or materials, any ornaments, accessories and trimmings you need for your creations.