The complete catalogue of METALICAS IDELLA SL is presented in this section, which includes our very extensive selection of decorations, ornaments, parts and accessories for use in footwear, clothing, leather goods or jewelry.

We through more than twenty years in the industry of trimmings, associated with the world of footwear and leather goods, has expanded its catalogue to include parts used in the clothing and jewelry industry.

You can select the product on the side menu to see the individual catalogue and also the complete catalogue of our products including:

Trimmings, Buckles, Bangles and Rings, Straps, Decorations, Precious stones, Heel-pads, Chains, Leather Buckles, Handles, Leather Brooches, Ornaments, Pullers.

Please send us an email query to perform any trimmings type or design of components that you need custom-made. We will respond within 24-48 hours is the manufacturer- wholesale trimmings company you were looking for. No matter what design or material, for ornaments, accessories and trimmings you want use in your creations, METALICAS IDELLA SL is in a position of producing it for you.